Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011 – Catechism 702-708

I think sometimes we are so easily distrustful of things because we are lied to so much by the world that we find it hard to believe in the promises of God.  All the love, the hope, the healing, the peace that God offers, it feels so far away sometimes that we lose our trust in God.  We see this projection of our human feelings onto God when someone has a bad relationship with their father and therefore projects those types of emotions towards God the Father.  We all do the same with trust because the world has hurt us, made us syndical, made us hard and rigid.

We must try to remember in those times that in the beginning it was not so.  God cannot break a promise.  Even the smallest or most insignificant promise God has made must be fulfilled.  If we do not trust in this, we cannot trust in God at all.  We must put our very lives in His hands and trust in His promises, or we will fall into the crowd that disbelieves in Him.  As humans, we long for that comfort of being protected, held, loved, of not being lied to.  We seek these things in our relationships, in our money, our addictions or possessions.  But those things will not last and let us down and only harden our hearts all the more.  God already knows the end.  He has already won victory.  If we put that trust in Him, we will celebrate in His victory.  It is only be losing that hope, that trust in His promise that we will slip away and begin to seek those feelings we long for in things of this world.  The Holy Spirit is there to help guide us on that journey.  Between the beginning of all things and the fullness of time.  We must hold on to God’s promises in the midst of the storm.  Hold on for all we are worth, no matter how violent the storm gets, until in the fullness of time that storm passes, sin is defeated and we rest in the infinite peace of God.  Until then, HOLD ON!      


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