Wednesday, February 02, 2011

February 2, 2011 – Sirach 31

Concern for one’s livelihood takes away more of your slumber than a serious illness. 

The part about how to act at a table with plenty of food makes me think of how the Koetters boys used to attack a buffet.  The part where you can lay down without discomfort is not something we knew anything about.  We could not leave a buffet without being in pain because we had eaten as much as we possibly could.  They are lucky we only did it every once in a blue moon or they could have gone out of business. 

I have heard some say that they did not have wine in Jesus time, so Catholics shouldn’t use wine now.  Here we see that they are talking about wine in the Old Testament and its effects and the fact that it needs to be done in moderation.  Actually it says it is very life to man if taken in moderation.  Joy of heart, good cheer, and even lately I have heard of the health benefits of wine if taken in moderation.  There are those who cannot take it in moderation because they have an addiction and have abused it in the past, but that doesn’t take away from its benefits if done properly.  It is no different than the idea of a buffet is a good one unless you are immature and try to fit as much into your stomach until it hurts.  Anything can be bad for you and almost all things are ok if done in moderation. 


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