Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011 – Catechism 727-730

With the Holy Spirit with us, it is as though Christ has not left us.  Christ gives us the Spirit to guide us and to remind us of all that He taught us.  They are so closely connected.  I know a lot of times I see Father and Son as being very closely connected and the Spirit off by Itself.  But when you think that the Father pretty much was the Old Testament, Christ comes and brings the Spirit to us, as far as our connection to God, Son and Spirit are much closer to each other and the Father is somewhere off far away.  I know that neither of these are really the case and that there is no separating the Three in the Trinity, but that is just how it sometimes appears to me. 

In the Creed it talks about the Spirit speaking through the Prophets.  How is that if He came through Jesus.  (as I was typing I kinda came up with something of an answer)  I think the Spirit might have come is a special way through the prophets to prepare us for Christ, but because that connection with God was still blocked, the Spirit could not come as It is really meant to.  After Christ died and rose, the Spirit could come and be among us and fulfill its true purpose, to help and guide us.  That makes sense and helps us better understand how important the prophets were, how special they were and why John the Baptist, the greatest and last prophet, was special enough to feel the Spirit influence him even in his mother’s womb. 


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