Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2011 – Catechism 731-736

The Holy Spirit as a gift.  Have you ever given a gift freely.  I was trying to think back and whether there was something that I did for which I did not even want a thank you.  Granted, there are things which I do that I don’t get thanked for and there are things I have done and been thanked for and modestly said “no need to thank me” but was actually needing the thank you.  But I mean a genuine gift that I did that at the time I wasn’t thinking at all about being thanked. 

If we have had one of those times (I still can’t think of one) multiple that by infinity.  God gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit for nothing in return.  It is a gift, fully given, with no strings attached.  We can chose to accept it or not and, although there are repercussions to our decision, God seeks nothing in return for the gift.  What can you give God who is creator of all things.  The gift is given fully and the decision is fully in our court. 

But if there are repercussions, how is it a gift fully given?  I was trying to think of an example, but couldn’t think of a gift fully given.  If you win something on a game show you still have to pay taxes.  If you are given a puppy, you have to take care of them.  And I am sure there is a lecture about contraception and fully giving yourself to a spouse in there, but I am a little behind on blogs so we will leave that to another day.  But I will continue to try and think of a gift fully given and try to give without wanting a thank you.


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