Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011 – Leviticus 23

When it comes to celebrating days as a Church, the Catholic Church maintains that tradition.  Holy Days of Obligations are a way to celebrate throughout the year different and specific things happening and remind us of different and significant moments in Christ life.  Yes, keeping the Sabbath Holy is the commandment and an obligation, but that is contained in the first few verses.  The rest of the chapter describes the importance of other days of obligation throughout the year.  With Ash Wednesday coming up (not a Holy Day of Obligation but will be a day many Catholic go to Church and it isn’t a Sunday) we will be living out the tradition that started here.  It is important for us to not come only of Sunday but realize that we need more than just Sundays to remember and celebrate the significant moments in Christ life just as the Hebrews celebrate significant events in their past.  Just FYI – Catholic Holy Days of Obligation.


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