Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some thoughts on the last few weeks. Boy, the Cards did not look good against the Braves and Marlins. Losing 5 out of 6 is not a good week. But even with that they are still 20-10 ish in there last 30 games. There pitching, at least the 3 they are going to lean on in the playoffs, pitched well except for Carp's rare 6 runs allowed game. They said it was the first time he had given up 6 runs in one inning since 1998. Came back yesterday and threw 8 shutout innings. The hitting is what slumped during that downturn. But they have had clutch hitting these last couple of days with 2 walkoffs in a row. Franklin is also a concern, but I just think he needs some rest. The playoffs are probably not going to be blowouts, so the clutch hitting is going to be a big part of things. Can't wait until the playoffs. Magic # is 4.