Thursday, December 24, 2009

Well, I have been working on something for a little while. The last year I have been doing a “Read the Bible and Catechism in 1 Year” program. I finished it a couple of weeks ago. Although they tried to make the reading short enough, you had to read a pretty good chunk every day. Not that reading the bible is bad, but you had to read so much that you didn’t have time to reflect on what you had just read. So, what I have done is taken what they started and tweaked it a bit. My reading program is reading the Bible and Catechism in 4 years. Pretty much the readings they would have you do in 1 day, we spread out over 4 days. It averages out to about 31.5 verses every day, which I think is quite manageable and a good chunk to still find enough to reflect on.

I also tweaked there reading breakdowns. They had all the New Testament in one section and the Old Testament in 2 and the Catechism in 1. I left the Catechism in 1, but the New Testament is so short, to keep the reading per day roughly the same, I combined most of the Psalms in with the New Testament section. I also broke up a lot of the Old Testament, at least most of the second section, into parts that coincide with predictions and fulfillments. For Example: The first Day will be a reading from the Old Testament telling the story in the Old Testament, The second day will usually be a reading prophesying what we will be reading in the New Testament, The third day will be the New Testament, the 4 Gospels read with the Epistles dropped in throughout and the Psalms at the end, the 4th day will be the Catechism.

This is a long process, 4 years, and I have never tried it before, so there may be some kinks and some things might not flow very well, but by the end we should be through the entire Bible and Catechism and had good reflections throughout. I hope to write reflections on what the reading is for the day and post them here. I encourage you to do the same. The schedule begins Jan. 1 2010. The first few days will be posted early because I am going to be in Rome for the first few days of the year. All the readings are online and I will link to the readings each day so you will have easy access. I also have a blog that I will be trying to facilitate with this as well. It may be easier to comment there, I am not sure. So here we go, let the journey begin.