Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16, 2011 – Leviticus 13:47 - 14:20

I don’t understand how a decease like leprosy could stay on a piece of clothing, but it appears that it did by the explanation of that section. 

I was thinking about the people that bred and raised sheep and lambs during this period of time.  I wonder if it was like the big cattle farms and other domestic animal farms we have these days.  Obviously there was a huge need for these animals, but not only a need for any lamb, but lambs that would be considered unblemished or good enough to be sacrifice.  There was probably a lot a pressure to breed good quality sheep and mix two strong mates to continue strong traits and avoid bad genes.  I just know how diligent farmers are about raising animals these days and just think it must have been similar back then. 

You see a lot of the times where the priest will sprinkle the person with the blood of the animal.  We have times when we are sprinkled by Holy Water during Mass and I am assuming it has a connection with this, but why the water.  I understand that we would not want to be sprinkled with the Blood from the Chalice, but I am sure the Israelites didn’t really wanted to be sprinkled with the blood of a lamb.  I was just thinking about why we choose to be sprinkled with the Holy Water when if we follow the tradition of the Israelites in our Eucharistic celebration, it would seem to follow that we would be sprinkled with Christ blood. 

When writing that, it brought to mind the Passion movie by Mel Gibson and the part where the solider stabs Christ in the side and is covered by the blood and water that comes out. 


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