Saturday, February 05, 2011

February 5, 2011 – Leviticus 18

When I was reading this the first thing I thought of is with all these rules, there must have been a lot of sexual sin going on during this period of time.  The laws that we have here are ones that we would think are pretty fundamental.  Basically it goes through different types of incest and says that they are wrong.  Then that homosexual actions and sexual acts with animals are wrong.  If these are the sins that God felt he had to point out to keep them on track, first and for most in means these were being done, but secondly, it means that acts that were not incest, adultery, multiple wives, and other sexual acts, were probably being done on a regular basis. 

Sometimes it feels that when people talk about the sin of sexual acts, they act as though it is something that we are just beginning to deal with now.  Obviously that is not the case when you see what was going on here.  Something that is new, I believe, is the publicity of these acts and the acceptance of them.  It used to be something that people would try to hide or keep their acts in private.  Now it is something that is spread all over, thanks to technology and the publics thirst for those types of juicy things.  Another aspect that is added is the life issues.  Where as contraception and abortion did exist back then and were used, they were not something that was readily available or accepted as normal.  That is why some point to the legalization of contraception, not legalization of abortion, as the tipping point for the dive we have taken as far as morality in this world.  


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